Alfafa Pest Control

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Alfafa Pest Control

Alfafa  is a pest control business operating across the UAE and is part of the environmental services division. Alfafa operations include commercial services across a broad range of market segments and residential services.

Alfafa Commercial Services

Alfafa offers cost effective commercial pest control services across a large number of market segments; food manufacturing, food and general storage, hospitality, education, hospitals, retail and commercial properties.

Only the most advanced techniques are used to ensure the targeted pests are controlled and eliminated while minimizing the impact on the environment.  These contracted services are provided through structured maintenance programs conducted by trained and licensed technicians.  Each commercial service is customized to suit the site and meet the desired needs of the customer.

Alfafa Residential Services

Alfafa offers non-contracted residential services across the UAE.  These services are generally provided with an estimated cost before the work is commenced due to common problem areas homes face.  The service includes pest control applications inside and outside the home.

Alfafa Technicians

Alfafa technicians are fully trained in the specialized techniques required to implement effective pest management programs.  These techniques ensure maximum results with minimum damage to environment and conform to Alfafa integrated pest management strategies.

The Common Pests


Among the most ancient of all insects, cockroaches and all their associated problems have always pestered mankind.

They are quite indiscriminate in their habits – feeding on garbage and sewage and then crawling over food meant for human consumption.

You can help reduce the presence of cockroaches by keeping areas thoroughly clean so that food particles and rubbish do not encourage them.  Entry from outside the premises can be limited by checking the seals on doors and windows, fitting mesh on drains and checking there are no gaps around service pipe entry points.


Rats and mice have been a persistent problem to man ever since, as a prehistoric nomad, he learned to store seeds and other foods.  History records the vast damage and suffering caused by these pests over many thousands of years.  The most devastating of these is no doubt the spread of Bubonic Plague in

You can help reduce the presence of rodents by eliminating rat harborage locations, food and water sources.  Garbage heaps, old machinery, timber piles, weed growth and general litter should be removed. Garbage must be disposed of as quickly as possible.  Entry from outside can be avoided by sealing entry points around doors, windows, drains, pipes and vents.


The house fly is found around human settlements throughout the UAE.  Typical breeding sites include infrequently emptied outdoor refuse containers and improperly maintained animal pens and stalls.  House flies feed on liquids which they either find in their food source or which they create by dissolving a portion of the solid food with their saliva.

You can help reduce the presence of flies by using plastic garbage bags to secure your rubbish, by keeping doors and windows closed or screened and by using aerosol insecticide to kill flies inside.


Mosquitoes are familiar pests to everyone because of their persistent buzzing and biting.  However it is only the adult female that seeks us out for a meal.  The cycle starts with mosquito eggs, larva and pupae developing in stagnant water.  There are several species of mosquitoes prevalent in the UAE.  Although one species is capable of dispersing malaria these are currently under control.  The remaining mosquitoes are nuisance biters that can cause pain and discomfort.

You can help reduce the presence of mosquitoes by ensuring water does not gather from air conditioners or faulty irrigation systems and by disposing of waste containers, types and plastic sheeting which may trap water.


Pest free use of pesticides and the applicable safety procedures conform to UAE Government and Health Department regulations. All Pest free technicians have completed in house training in the use of pesticides and are fully licensed with relevant authorities.

Pest free limits the spraying of chemicals indoors and will not spray in food preparation or storage areas.  Alternative pest control techniques will be used in these areas to control pests.

Alfafa Competitive Advantages

Pest Control in the UAE is generally conducted by inexperienced and unlicensed operators.  In some cases a cleaning company will double up as the pest control expert when tendering for work.
Alfafa has identified to areas which will provide a competitive edge.

System Summary
1. Contract Management.
a. Customer detail. A customer can have multiple contracts which in turn may have multiple sites. The detail includes site(s) detail, pest type(s), service frequency, job detail and bill to details.
b. Increases and decreases can be managed and reported on.

2. Job Creation.
a. Scheduled jobs are system generated dependent on the service frequency allocated in the system. Jobs can be daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, four times per year etc. and are day sensitive.
b. Non-scheduled jobs can be entered regardless whether a customer contract exists. Non scheduled work can be additional work that has not been contracted or jobs that require to be re-done at no cost to the customer.

3. Scheduling.
a. Jobs are generated according the service frequencies entered into the system however the schedule is flexible. Jobs can be “dragged and dropped” from the scheduled day to a new day if required. Jobs can be moved from team to team.
b. The scheduling screen provides a graphic display of the day’s activities providing, at a glance, jobs that are open or completed.

4. Field Service Reporting.
a. Individual jobs or a schedule can be electronically sent to a hand held field device.
b. Jobs can be started, reported on and completed from the hand held device. The information sent to the hand held device contains historical information on previously completed jobs relevant to the site.
c. Field devices (bait stations, traps, monitoring devices etc) can be bar-coded for accurate positioning and reporting through the hand held in-built scanner.
d. Completed jobs can be electronically signed off by the technician and the customer.
e. All service reports are archived in the system for easy access if required.