Quality Policy

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Quality Policy

    ALFAFA is a company specializing in agriculture.We are growers, developers and innovators striving to introduce new techniques to improve crops grown in the UAE.

ALFAFA farms are GAP certified by GLOBALGAP, which means that they are regularly audited to ensure they follow “Good Agricultural Practices”. Although GAP is a voluntary certification ALFAFA have decided to adopt it for the reasons explained below.

When you go to a restaurant, it is common to see signs in the bathroom advising employees to wash their hands before returning to work. You’ll also see a schedule of when the bathroom was last cleaned. Restaurants are required by law to keep their kitchens and facilities clean and sanitary, this emphasis on hygiene makes sure that their customers and employees don’t get sick.

Food and safety regulations are perhaps a little behind the times for growers, packers, and shippers of fresh produce. There are no laws requiring farmers and packing houses to wash equipment that touches produce, or even to wash their hands after using the restroom. Also, farmers may have livestock stationed in close proximity to their produce. The number one culprit of food borne illness related to fresh produce is animal feces! Evil microbes such as salmonella are often transmitted by water that somehow came in contact with the microbes.

There has been a recent rise in food borne illness, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) was introduced in 1998, as a guideline by which farmers could reduce the chance of microbial contamination of crops. Farmers who adopt GAP are therefore attempting to protect their customers.